Hello and Goodbye

Else Kröner Forschungskolleg extended for 3 additional years


We are excited to announce that the Else Kröner Forschungskolleg has been extended for 3 additional years!

In the second funding period of the Else Kröner Forschungskolleg we have placed particular emphasis on the cross-talk of genetically characterized tumors with their respective tumor microenvironment (TME). Our scientific strategy reflects our overall goal of not only targeting cancer cell autonomous genetic events, but to also unleash the therapeutic potential of the immune system. These scientific and technical developments clearly necessitate a profound change in the training and education of early career oncologists and physician scientists. Modern day oncologists, and particularly physician scientists, certainly need a solid clinical training but also require a thorough training in molecular cancer research. To address this need, we have founded the Else Kröner Forschungskolleg "Clonal Evolution in Cancer" three years ago. This program has been a vital asset in our efforts of educating a new breed of cancer-focused physician scientists. Not only have our fellows published numerous papers, but we have also promoted fellows into scientific independence at the group leader level.


Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to our Speaker Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. H. Christian Reinhardt! He has been the driving force behind the Else Kröner Forschungskolleg since its conception and, with his enthusiasm and energy, he is an inspiring leader for the program and all contributors. To everybody in the EKF he has been an open minded and warm-hearted advisor. We will very much miss his commitment and his passionate interest in a better future of physician scientists. Since May 2020, Prof. Reinhardt is the Director of the Clinic for Haematology at the University Hospital Essen. We wish him all the best!