Oncological and abdominal imaging

The Oncological Imaging Group of PD Dr. Thorsten Persigehl is focusing on modern quantitative imaging techniques for improved tumor detection, characterization and monitoring from mice to men. The group develops and evaluates new MRI sequences, e.g. radial “pseudo golden angle” K-space acquisition and T2-mapping for liver, kidney and prostate imaging. The potential of spectral CT using the highly new dual-layer CT scanner iQon (Philips) will be evaluated for improved oncological imaging of e.g. lung cancer, liver metastasis, pleural und peritoneal carcinomatosis, as well as soft tissue metastasis. In cooperation with the Multiparametric Imaging Group of Dr. Bettina Baeßler (UKK) and Computed Imaging Analysis (CIA) laboratory of Prof. Lawrence Schwartz from the Columbia University (CUMC) in New York/USA novel imaging features will be extracted for deeper analysis on the field of “Radiomics” and “Artificial Intelligence”, e.g. semi-automatic Risk-Map for prostate cancer in multiparametric MRI. Moreover, the Oncological Imaging Group is one three centers in Germany providing focal MR-guided high intensity focal ultrasound (HIFU) therapy in prostate cancer (TULSA-PRO; Profound).

PD Dr. Thorsten Persigehl

Department of Radiology
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