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The Lung Cancer Group Cologne serves as a translational hub within the EKFS consortium

The Lung Cancer Group Cologne (LCGC) was founded at the Centre for Integrated Oncology (CIO) at University Hospital Cologne in 2005. At LCGC doctors and scientists work together with their teams to improve the therapy for lung cancer. We are convinced that to accomplish this, understanding the biological principles of lung cancer, an accurate molecular diagnosis and clinical studies that are based on biological comprehension have to go hand in hand with each other. That is why at LCGC there is a permanent exchange between the study center and the work groups of molecular pathology, cancer genomics and molecular imaging. In addition to developing new therapy approaches, we want to ensure that all of our patients get a therapy that is based on the most recent knowledge. For this we are in contact with internationally leading groups as well.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wolf

Department I of Internal Medicine
Center of Integrated Oncology ABCD
University Hospital of Cologne
Kerpener Str. 62
50937 Cologne

Tel.  +49 221 478 89050

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