Peifer lab

Developing novel computational algorithms to decipher genomic principles of malignant transformation and clonal evolution

The Peifer lab is dealing with the computational analysis and interpretation of high-throughput cancer genomics data. In particular, we have developed methods to detect all relevant genome alterations (point mutations, copy number changes, and rearrangements) from massively parallel sequencing analyses. We have further conceived strategies to combine different high-throughput data sets such as DNA sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, and epigenetic data to distinguish relevant genome alterations from random bystander mutations in cancer genomes. Lately, we also embarked into the reconstruction of clonal evolution from genome and exome sequencing data. Our lab is also part of the pan-cancer analysis of the International Cancer Genome Consortium, where whole genomes of 2,778 cancer patients are currently being analyzed in-depth.

Prof. Dr. Martin Peifer

University of Cologne
Department of Translational Genomics

Robert-Koch-Str. 21
50931 Köln

Tel.  +49 221 478 96863 

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Peifer lab@UniCologne
Martin Peifer@CMMC
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