Welcome to our new Fellow!

As the third fellow of the second funding period, Dr. Sebastian Michels will start with his laboratory rotation!

Dr. Sebastian Michels will work on his Project “Dissecting the evolutionary trajectory of resistance and residual disease in EGFR-mutant lung cancer on the single-cell level” in the lab of Prof. Dr. Axel Hillmer

The training concept for our fellows is based on three major pillars: scientific qualification, technical expertise and professionalism.
Our fellows will receive thorough scientific training both within their chosen research groups and our program that we have established and further improved during the first funding period of the EKF.
Regular supervisions will enable our fellows to present their data and knowledge to respective leaders of the field and engage in stimulating scientific exchange.

We are convinced that our support and mentoring structures provide effective chaperonagefor our fellows.
Our consortium has been successful in promoting the independent careers of our fellows participating in the first funding period.
We have implemented numerous intramural funding mechanisms that will ensure the continued scientific success of our fellows following completion of the initial laboratory rotation.
The career development of these fellows serves as a blueprint, and we expect to see additional fellows to move into independence during the second funding period.

We are very much looking forward seeing our new fellow Sebastian Michels grow as a Clinican Scientist.