Seminar: Single cell genomics, January 17th 2019

Talk with Dennis Eastburn, San Francisco, CA

Please save the date for the talk by Dennis Eastburn on Mission Bio’s single cell DNA sequencing technology. Most single cell sequencing technologies focus on RNA-seq. Mission Bio has a single cell targeted DNA-seq approach.

Speaker: Dennis Eastburn, CSO & Co-founder, Mission Bio, Inc., South San Francisco, CA

Title: Moving from Bulk NGS to Precision Sequencing with Single-Cell Genomics: Resolving Heterogeneity in Blood and Solid Tumors

Date: Thursday, 17.01.2019, 2 pm (s.t.)

Venue: CMMC Research Building, Seminar Room, Groundfloor, Robert-Koch-Str. 21, 50931 Cologne

Abstract: The average read-out from conventional bulk (NGS) sequencing misses rare events and underlying genetic diversity within cell populations. To improve patient stratification, therapy selection, and disease monitoring, we need insight into clonal architecture and evolution within every single cell. The Tapestri™ Precision Genomics Platform enables precision DNA sequencing with sensitive and unambiguous identification of co-occurring mutations within clones that drive disease and are not observable with bulk NGS measurements. In this presentation, learn how we are now able to routinely characterize heterogeneity in both blood and solid tumors with high-throughput single-cell mutation analysis to move precision medicine forward.

Host: Axel Hillmer

Bild: Uniklinik Köln