Cancer Genomics, June 23th - 26th 2019

4th EACR Conference, Cambridge UK

Cancer Genomics 2019 is the fourth EACR conference on this topic, and it is now widely recognised as the premier European conference dedicated to cancer genomics. In 2019 it will again cover the latest exciting developments: convergence (modelling, artificial intelligence and big data), single cell analysis of cancers, cancer immune genomics, and clinical applications of genomics.

Featuring an exceptional international faculty, extensive networking opportunities and a maximum of 200 participants, this conference will provide an intimate setting for top quality scientific interaction.

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  • Cancer Evolution and Immune Evasion : Determinism and cancer progression
  • Interpreting the cancer genome through physical and functional models of the cancer cell
  • Determinants of immunological response to immune checkpoint blockade in human cancer
  • Cancer epigenetics and genome regulation at single cell resolution
  • How are cancers born?• A systems level view of breast cancer through the lens of artificial intelligence
  • A single cell lens into metastasis• Identification of (neo)antigenic landscape of human tumors
  • Harnessing the personalized antitumor T-cell response to treat cancer
  • The Single Cancer Cell Transcriptome• Deciphering intra-tumor and inter-tumor heterogeneity by single cell RNA-seq