Adalbert-Czerny-Prize for Prof. Fischer

Children's oncologist awarded by specialist society

Prof. Dr. Matthias Fischer, Head of the Experimental Pediatric Oncology at University Hospital Cologne, has been awarded with the Adalbert Czerny Prize of the German Society for Child and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ). The 47-year-old researcher receives the prize worth 10,000 Euro for the groundbreaking new discovery of his submitted work "A mechanistic classification of clinical phenotypes in neuroblastoma". According to the jury, this work has far-reaching implications for translational cancer research in pediatric oncology. The newly developed classification of neuroblastoma can also be used to precisely assess the individual risk of patients and apply appropriate  therapies. At the award ceremony, DGKJ President Prof. Dr. Krägeloh-Mann emphasised that not only was Prof. Fischer's work of great diagnostic and therapeutic value, but that the publication list also highlighted the excellence of his previous scientific work and its high clinical relevance.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Fischer, Picture: University Hospital Cologne