59th ASH Annual Meeting, December 09.-12., 2017, Atlanta, GA, USA

In December, the American Association of Hematology holds its annual meeting. Many of our principle investigators will attend this conference and present their work. All fellows are invited to submit abstracts and contribute to the success of this meeting.

One of the focus areas of the Else Kröner Forschungskolleg Cologne are hematological malignancies, mainly CLL and other, more aggressive B cell neoplasias. Our research groups provide novel autochthonous mouse models of B cell lymphomas, as well as longitudinal genomic assessments of these entities. Moreover, through our association with the German CLL study group and the German Hodgkin Lymphoma Study group, we are contributing to the development of novel therapeutic approaches. These data and concepts will be presented and discussed at the 59th ASH Annual Meeting. For more information, please visit: www.hematology.org/Annual-Meeting/